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Many of the bands that played at Canobie were known nationally and many were known locally.

Some of the bands that appeared at the Canobie Lake Park Ballroom were:
Tommy Dorsey          Jimmy Dorsey         Benny Goodman      Charlie Barnet    
Gene Krupa               Lawrence Welk        Artie Shaw               Les Brown 
Stan Kenton              Paul Whiteman       Woody Herman        Duke Ellington
Count Basie              Jimmie Lunceford    Glenn Miller             Bob Crosby
Guy Lombardo           Harry James           Kay Kyser                Sammy Kaye
Glen Gray                  Vaughn Monroe      Louie Prima             Buddy Rich
Xavier Cugat              Louis Armstrong     Horace Heidt            Tex Beneke
Lionel Hampton          Ina Ray Hutton      Johnny Bothwell        Claude Thornhill
Tony Pastor               Mal Hallett             Will Hudson              Allen Curtis
Val Jean Ippolito        Tony Brown            Ted Herbert              Roland Russell
Frankie Kahn             Hubie Turner          Ralph Flanagan         Freddie Martin
Tommy Tucker          Charlie Ventura       Cab Calloway            Blanche Calloway
Ray McKinley             Isham Jones          Skitch Henderson      Ted Weems
Jan Garber                Randy Brooks         Georgie Auld            Lee Castle
Charlie Spivak           Blue Baron             Georgie Kay             Carmen Cavallero                  
Billy Butterfield          Boyd Raeburn         Sam Donahue          Ray Anthony
Charlie Parker           Buddy Morrow          Tommy Leonard       Joe Jedraski 
Jack Teagarden         Earl Fatha Hines      Saxie Dowell            Randy Brooks            
Roy Eldridge              Buddy Johnson       Richard Maltby          Larry Fotine
Sabby Lewis               Dick Jurgens          Joe O'Leary
Some of the vocalists that appeared at the Canobie Lake Park Ballroom were:

Tony Bennett           Frank Sinatra         Pattie Page           Joe Williams     Frances Wayne
Rosemary Clooney   Kenny Gardner       Dinah Washington  Art Carney        June Christy
Connie Haynes        Kenney Sargent      Jack Leonard         Edythe Wright    Al Martino
Bob Eberley             Carmen Lombardo  Al Hibbler              Jo Stafford        Bonnie Baker
Jimmy Rushing        Frankie Fontaine    Ivie Anderson         Herb Jeffries      Pha Terrell
Lisa Kirk                  Mel Torme            Orlando Robeson    Janet Blair         Ginny Simms
Jane Russell            Don Cornell           Merv Griffin            Peggy Lee         Doris Day
Helen O'Connell       Ray Eberle            Marion Hutton         Helen Forrest     Kitty Kallen
Anita O'Day             Ella Fitzgerald        Dick Haymes          Sarah Vaughan    Joni James

There were also groups like the Four Aces, Pied Pipers and Modernaires.

One warm summer night, all the doors of the ballroom were propped open as usual to allow for a cross-ventilation breeze.  A young vocalist, Merv Griffin, was on stage with Freddie Martin's Orchestra.  In mid-performance, a huge skunk walked into the ballroom amid the several thousand dancers. Petrified that, if startled, the skunk would spray, Merv stopped singing and the band stopped playing. Everyone in the ballroom froze.  The skunk sniffed around as everyone remained motionless.  Just as nonchalantly as it entered the ballroom, the skunk turned and exited. Its curiosity apparently satisfied.  A sigh of relief could be heard throughout the ballroom and the show went on.  Merv would later tell the story on t.v. during a talk show interview.   

Maurice was a tireless promoter who was always interested in a variety of entertainers. From Hollywood stars to professional baseball players to television personalities to political figures, Maurice brought some of the most talented personalities of the time to Canobie.  

Greats like Johnny Pesky, Walt Dropo, Vern Stephens, Eddie Stanky and many other baseball players from the Boston Red Sox and Boston Braves visited Canobie and played ball in the regulation diamond baseball park. 

Very talented trombonist Jerry Colonna, the musician turned comedian, made appearances at Canobie. Jerry would walk through the park, kid with visitors and go on the amusement rides like the roller coaster with customers.

Buster Crabbe, who starred as Tarzan and Flash Gordon, made a personal appearance in the ballroom. 

In July 1954, admission was twenty-five cents to see the Howdy Doody t.v. pals in the ballroom.  There was lovable Clarabell the clown doing pantomime and honking his horn and colorful Chief Thunderthud saying kowabonga!  Also, appearing were, Buffalo Vic (filled in for Buffalo Bob), Zippy the chimp roller skating and Princess Summerfall Winterspring from the Tinka Tonka Tribe.

Gabby Hayes, who acted in many westerns, was Roy Rogers' side-kick and hosted westerns on t.v., made appearances in the ballroom. It was 25 cents to see Gabby Hayes on August 14 and 15, 1954.

In September 1957, the grandfatherly "Big Brother" Bob Emery made a personal appearance.  

Maurice, a true jazz and big band enthusiast, continued bringing the big bands to the ballroom. In 1957, the Holland's last season at Canobie, Lionel Hampton brought his band and played his high-flying swing on vibraphone performing "Flyin' Home".  Lionel also sang, played piano and drums. Buddy Morrow, Richard Maltby and Woody Herman and his 3rd herd and many more performed during the Holland's last season at Canobie.

Bill Haley and His Comets rocked around the clock at Canobie.

Pictured here in the ballroom is Xavier Cugat's Orchestra on stage and below is Les Brown's Orchestra on stage. Also, pictured is Ray Anthony.

Pictured here is actress Jane Russell singing on stage in the ballroom. Johnny Dee is leading the orchestra.
Also, pictured is Bill Haley.